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Compañía de Guías de Patagonia

From 1997 we are exploring, climbing and walking in Tierra del Fuego, South Patagonia and Antarctica.

We are Compañía de Guías de Patagonia, an Adventure Travel Company, bassed in Ushuaia, and specialized in Trekking, Mountaineering, Adventure Tours, and Antarctica.

Our first value is the human value. We consider the contact with the environment and the society the most important factor in your travel experience. We focus in the human value and the experience in all our trips. The rest, is just a consecuence…

we are...

Our guides are Argentina Mountain Guides Asociation certificated. With UIMLA, UIAGM (IFMGA) recognition.

We offer more than 25 years of experience living, climbing and exploring in Tierra del Fuego and South Patagonia.

Most of us are native people born in the south, pasionated for the mountains and the adventure. 


Maintain this Island as a paradise of the wildlife, is not a compromise for us, is our way of life.

We have a big compromise with the environment conservation of Tierra del Fuego. We are part of the Soy Parte del Bosque Fueguino project, also we are part of the community fighting to create a natural reservation in the East of the Island: Peninsula Mitre.

We consider the contact with the environment and the society the most important factor in your travel experience. We focus in the human values and the experience in all our trips and ecursions. The rest, is just a consequence…

We are professional guides, but above all, we are passionate about our outdoor sport. We know and manage all the factors of each particular environment, it does not matter if we go to the sea, to the mountains, to the snow, to the water or to Antarctica. In each of these environments, we will send a professional and passionate guide…

As Compañía de Guías de Patagonia is a locally owned project, every cent that is spent on your tour goes back into improving the local economy and in turn creating more opportunities for industry growth and development, and in turn, more jobs available in the market.


in the wildernes...

We are based in Ushuaia and operate from here

Compañia de Guias is a tour operator based in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. Here is our main office.

From here we have operations around Ushuaia, also in South Patagonia and Antarctica. Some trips including South Georgias and Falkland Islands.

About the Agency

Compania de Guias de Patagonia

Compañía de Guias de Patagonia, by Compania de Guias SRL

is a Travel Agency, & Tour Operator based in Ushuaia.

Autorized by Licence Leg 11883, disp 699/97 of Mintur. You can find Us in www.turismo.gob.ar

Office in Gobernador Godoy 19, 3B, (9410) Ushuaia, Argentina.

Phone: (+54) 92901 401919

Any problems, you can contact the autority trought this link: 

– link directo al trámite ”Denuncia contra una agencia de viajes” de la plataforma Trámites a Distancia.

Our Guides Certifications

Compañía de Guías de Patagonia, is a professional guides company.

Our staff have different qualifications, under Argentina Mountain Guide Association (AAGM) and Wilderness First Responder (WFR) first aid protocol.
Other disciplines have specials certifications, like ACA for Sea Kayaking.
We adopt the Leave no Trace ethics principles in our tours and life.
We operate inside the Tierra del Fuego National Park, with all the licenses and insurances.


Habilitacion del Ministerio de Turismo

habilitacion sectur compania de guias de patagonia

Resolucion de habilitacion

Compañia de Guias de Patagonia es una Empresa de Viajes y Turismo de Compania de Guias SRL, CUIT 30-70902623-9, habilitada por le Ministerio de Turismo de la Nacion en 1997 con la disposicion 699 en el legajo 11883.

The follow are our communication channels:

Phone:+549 2901401919



Any problems with us, you can contact the autority trought this link: 

– link directo al trámite ”Denuncia contra una agencia de viajes” de la plataforma Trámites a Distancia.


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When is the best season to visit Tierra del Fuego?

Depending the activity you are looking for. To know the landscape, Ushuaia is beautiful all year aroundEspecially in Autumn when is more colorful.

For trekking and Hiking, spring and summer, until the first snow of winter, are nice season.

For ski, we have snow normally from mid June to end of September. Cerro castor is normally open until October 12th.

For Antarctica you have ships going from the beginning of October to end of march.

Wath kind of weather I can espect in Tierra del Fuego?

Cold, cloudy and variable! 

Yes, this is the naked true. Check our forecast page, here  for a detailed weather details and forecast. 

But be sure is this place have a lot of ice and snow, is because don`t have a brizilian beach weather…. : )

When the best season to visit Antarctica and South Georgia?

The antarctic season is from the beginning of october to mid march. In Antarctica all seasons are beautiful and interesting, but different.
If you travel at the beginning you will find a lot of snow, and penguins building nests, and mating. By January, the days will be very long, with lots of light and no night (mid-summer), you will find penguin chicks and other very small marine mammals.
By the end of summer, the days will be short again, the penguins will be changing feathers and learning to swim, and the seal pups will be learning to enter the water…
It’s really hard to pick one as the best time!

How big is Ushuaia and witch activities I can do there?

Ushuaia is a medium-sized city of about sixty thousand inhabitants. It has all the basic services guaranteed (hospital, supermarket, internet, etc). Although it is a bit isolated (200km from the next city and 700km to the next one) it has very good air and sea connectivity, with a large airport and a very busy port in summer. Land connectivity is limited, because Tierra del Fuego is an island.
From Ushuaia you can go to Antarctica, and you can do mountain activities such as trekking, mountaineering and skiing. You can do the excursions on your own, or with professional guides with international certifications.
Ushuaia is a paradise of nature and fauna, marine and terrestrial. If you like nature photography, you will find here a paradise to come back many times.

Can I ski in Ushuaia?

Yes! Ushuaia is a paradise for ski. You can practice all kind of ski here.

Alpine ski, or down hill ski in Cerro Castor, with the best snow of South America and the longer and guaranteed season.

For nordic ski you have two beautiful places, with more than 50km to sled… In  Tierra Mayor valley you have PIPEF (provincial pist of nordic ski) and near the city of Ushuaia you have Pista Francisco Jerman, the Club Andino Ushuaia pist.

For freeride or skimountaineering here is a paradise. All the mountains are open for ski. Some places are more opolar than other, like Paso Garibaldi, Glaciar Martial, or Valle de Olum. Also you have a local avalanche boletin. 

Can I book Antarctica Cruices with Compañia de Guias de Patagonia ?

Yes, Compañía de Guías de Patagonia is a mountain guide company and tour operator. Our guides work on various vessels, guiding mountaineering, trekking and kayaking.
We have contact with all the companies and vessels, and can advise you in the best way which is the best trip for you. According to your interests, the time of the year you travel and the budget you have.
Do not hesitate to contact us!

Compañía de Guías

Compañía de Guías de Patagonia is a tour operator and Guide company, bassed in Ushuaia. From 1997 we are exploring, walking, climbing and guiding in the south of Patagonia.

You can enjoy the best experiences in one of the most beautiful and wild places of the world, in our company. 

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Compañía de Guías de Patagonia EVyT

Leg 11883 res 699 MINTUR

(9410) Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina


Phone: +54 9 2901 401919

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