Meals in Trekkings and Trips

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Meals in Compañía de Guías trips and excursions...

Box lunchs and meals are part of our services in the mountains.

When we are in the field, we will provide all the meals, and the guide will prepare it during the camps. We focus in weigth, quality and energy of the food. Not in the luxury of this item. This is part of our philosophy, where we are focusing in the experience of the activity in general.

Cooking in the mountains

In a full day excursions

the meal is a box lunch, with food for all the day.

We provide the box (or bag) with sandwichs (2 with jam and chesse, tomato and salami), cereal bar, fruit, candies, and alfajor (an special type of tipical argentinian small cake). We can prepare a vegetarian option of sandwitchs if you ask for this.

In the trips with overnight

the days start with the camping breakfast (café, milk, tea, cereals, cereal bars and cookies).

Lunch time is normally walking or during the activity, some times the lunch is a box lunch, and other times is a picnic (with salame, cheese, and other things). In the afternoon, when we arrive to the camping site, the guide prepare the snack, with tea (hot drinks) and some thing to eat (normally salame, cheese, and some salt cookies, and peanut). After this, when the camp is ready, we have a dinner, this is a soup, with a hot meal, and dessert. After this some hot drink (cofe or tea) and we will be ready to go to the bed!

meals in the mountain