Sierra Valdivieso Trekking

Four days walking in the most remote area of the Fuegian Andes.


Sierra Valdivieso Trekking

We offer to a classic Sierra Valdivieso trekk, the same itinerary published in the lonely planet guide.
General idea is to explore the highlands of the andes, at the end of the world, where the mountains are in West-East direction.
We are starting in Ushuaia, the fist part of the trip is a bus transfer from your hotel to Tierra Mayor Valley. There we start to walk, crossing the Tierra Mayor valley, and continued climbing the Beban Pass. This is a combination of two high pass on 900msnm high.
From Beban Valley we will cross to Five lagoon valley, crossing wonderful highlands, in a very nice and exiting trekking.
In this area, we will explore the highlands, full of rocks, lagoons and animals. We will see the Fagnano Lake, a wonderful interior sea.

 We will pass the 2nd and 3th night, in a peaceful highland.

The last day, we will descent to Carbajal Valley, to come back to Ushuaia following the amazing landscapes of open valleys and snowy mountains.

Check the full itinerary with altitude:

Elevación máxima: 0 m
Elevación mínima: 0 m

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