Summits of the End of the World Trekking

Exploring the Tierra del fuego forrest, the high mountain environment with the best panoramic view of Ushuaia City and Beagle Channel.

Ushuaia Summits of the end of the world Trekking

We are going in search of the most beautiful panoramic views of Tierra del Fuego. 

To do this, start walking on the edge of the city, and from there, following a path of the old prison of Ushuaia, climb to Cerro del Medio. A summit is simple to climb,  but impressive sight. From its 800 meters high, feel like a Himalayan summit. We shall not cease to amaze us throughout your journey, surrounded by the most pristine nature and unique view, gives us the height. 

We will bring amazing pictures and an unforgettable experience.

Check the full itinerary with altitude:

Elevación máxima: 955 m
Elevación mínima: 68 m

Trip details:


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    Weather forecast for Ushuaia & Tierra del Fuego circuits

    This is the weather forecast from Windy & windguru, our most confident services to predict the weather evolution.

    Tierra del Fuego is a place with extremly variable weather. If you decide to go out for an experience, just be ready for any kind of weather, and you will enjoy the magnificence of the nature in this lattitude!

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