Tierra del Fuego National Park Trekking

Exploring the Natural and Cultural history of Tierra del fuego island.

One full day to walk in the ancient forrest and the shoreline of the Beagle Channel, taking contact with old indian campsites, and the amazing wildlife of Tierra del Fuego. 

Tierra del Fuego National Park Trekking

Tierra del Fuego National Park is one of the most frequently visited places in Ushuaia: it is close to the city, it is easily accessible and it does not require to be approached in any particular way.

We propose to discover the true nature of the secret within the Tierra del Fuego National Park. With our specialized guides it is possible to get to know in detail this recovered paradise, where the mountains are accessible from the sea, and the fresh water of rivers and lakes mixes with the sea.

On this tour you get to walk through the forest, and discover the secrets of the beagle channel to get into the famous Lapataia Bay. We will walk thought old Indians camps in the coast, an ancient forest, birds and occasionally some fox.

We propose a trip around the National Park involving ornithology, geology, ecology, trekking, and photography. We’ll bring along our expertise, service and our attention to detail so that you may be able to concentrate on every attraction the place has to offer. It is not far from Ushuaia city, and getting there is easy, and exiting…

Check the full itinerary with altitude:

Elevación máxima: 87 m
Elevación mínima: 0 m
Tierra del Fuego National Park Trekking

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    Weather forecast for Ushuaia & Tierra del Fuego circuits

    This is the weather forecast from Windy & windguru, our most confident services to predict the weather evolution.

    Tierra del Fuego is a place with extremly variable weather. If you decide to go out for an experience, just be ready for any kind of weather, and you will enjoy the magnificence of the nature in this lattitude!

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