Logistic Support

Trekking Crossing Tierra del Fuego. 7 days trekking in Ushuaia

Logistic Support in Trekking & Mountaineering Trips

We can organize our trips with two sistems of support. One is Autonomy and the other is with Assitance.



  • Autonomy:

We call autonomy style, when all the equipment for the trip is carried by the clients and guides. No porters are available in this tipe of trips.

  • Assisted:

We call assisted style, when the company provide porters to carry the grupal equipment (tent´s, stoves, food, etc)  

  • Very Important Note:

Compañía de Guias, don´t provide porters for personal equipment. The people who walk with us, should to bring their personal equipment. If you can´t to bring you personal stuff, may be can to choice a diferent itinerary, or one personalized trekking.

Crossing Tierra del Fuego Trekking, 7 days trougth the andes